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is critical. it cannot fail. >> cool stuff. great assignment, brian todd, roswell, knonew mexico. nasa steps aside as commercial space flight against under way. we'll go live to florida in 15 minutes for the launch of the spacex rocket. these are live pictures right now. there it is on the pad. we're going to take you there live for a live report. >>> moving on now, filmmaker refuses to give new york city outtakes frohis film. the city has filed a lawsuit to get them. an infamous case back in the limelight. that story is straight ahead. to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the re
refineries that supply california. nasa's newest mars rover is ready for its first big geology gyssion. curiosity has driven more than 400 yards since landing on the red planet in august. today, nasa said the plan is to rve the rover scoop up some soil some time in the next few weeks, and analyze it for signs that mars was once able to support life. we also got a rare peek today at a dying star courtesy of a nasa telescope. have a look. it's called a helix nebula, 650 lightyears from the earth. you're seeing its last gasp as it burns out. nasa says the same thing will happen to our sun in about 5 billion years. the fight against hunger in ing fornia is getting a lift p om a group of seniors. we'll have their story next. w>c [ male announcer ] your mouth is cleanest after the dentist. but between check-ups tartar builds. keep it clean with new listerine® ultraclean™. it's the only mouthwash with a new tartar control formula for a dentist clean feeling. ahhhhhhhh. [ male announcer ] new listerine® ultraclean™. power to your mouth™. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, g
pilots. now that nasa is out of the business of sending ships up to the international space station we have our first commercial spaceship lifting off. >> 321 and lift off lift off of the space expert falcon 9 rocket. the rocket was launched from cape canaveral it is holding 1,000 lbs. of cargo. including a freezer that has street for the astronauts. it is the first of 12 missions under the contract with nasa. missions under the contract with nasa. we don't call this our company, missions under the contract with nasa. we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at chase.com/mainstreet erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda
of 12 resupply missions contracted by nasa with the private spacex. nasa is relying on private business to resupply the space station since all shuts are retired. >> you will be able to see the space station passing over the bay area tonight. check the time of the space station passing overhead in san francisco tonight look up at 8:31 it will appear as a bright star moving slowly across the sky you can also catch it tomorrow night at 7:42 if the skies are clear enough. >> will the weather be permitting? >> i think there will be a few clouds but you will be able to see, fascinating, look up, there it goes. >> open up the weather window and we are looking from vollmer peak towards the bay bridge toward san francisco you can see how clear it is this morning just a few clouds, clouds will be thicker tomorrow and wednesday, chance of a shower or two especially around the monterey bay and south. today, dry, 40s around santa rosa and half moon bay. everybody else in the 50s, antioch 60. monterey bay low to mid 50s inland to salinas, gilroy 49. three highlights of this forecast, partly cloudy,
is on its way. the rocket belongs to space x and not nasa, which is contracting out space travel to the tune of 1.6 billion to space x alone. and here is what nasa can do when they put their mind to it. in just the past several days we have seen the first footprint from the mars rover, looking just like neil armstrong's first footprint on the moon, and just to prove that the soil scoop works on the rover. dale earnhardt, jr., who lost his dad to car racing, this was the last laugh at yesterday's car race. the veteran driver in the lead, tony stewart, made a mistake at 200 miles an hour, caused the wreck that collected 25 cars. at super speedways like talladega, they call this the big one, and because the cars are so evenly matched, they bunch up while behind each other in the conga lines, three and two wide. and somebody wrote, true love is dead, danny devito and rhea perlman, divorcing, they have three children together, no reason given. after 30 years of marriage, it was thought to be a great hollywood marriage. >>> up next here tonight, the dogs who get a new lease on life, and end up pro
the international spacestation. this is the first of 12 resupply missions contracted with nasa with the space company x. they are relying on private business to resupply the spacestation since the shuttles are retired. and nasa has a part of its website where you can check the time of the spacestation passing overhead. in san francisco on monday night look up at 8:31 to see the spacestation. on tuesday night it is 7:42. the website is nasa .gaov. nasa .gov. punch in the state and the city. the drama is building for pumpkin fanatics. tomorrow is the world championship pumpkin weigh off. it is the art and pumpkin festival. there is some big competition, and we do mean big. last year's winning gourd set a new record at 1,704. that, my friends, is a lot of pie. >> leigh is checking our weather. a lot of people might want to see the spacestation over the next couple days. >> a little cloudy and a little tough. >> we had a terrific weekend. the cutoff low off the coast is spinning about itself. it kept the low clouds and the fog well off the coast. but things are going to change. we will see more c
and benefits. the countdown is underway for an historic launch by nasa. coming up -- find out why the lift off in florida will have lots of eye watching tomorrow. plus - a popular vehicle made by honda is recalled for a possible fire hazard. and the reverend jesse jacksonillinois lottery... pick 3... 33 4 4 pick 4... 8 4 6 1 lucy dayky day lotto... 31 3 33 6 29 lotto... 22 32 46 44 51 14 nasa plans a launch tomorrow ... the first of its kind. a privately owned space capsule, called "dragon" is set to take off from cape canaveral tomorrow night. it will deliver supplies to the inernational space station. it is an unmmanded aircraft... built by the commercial spaceflight company, "space x" out of california. the capsule will be reloaded with supplies and sent back to earth in three weeks. the company has a deal with nasa for at least 12 re-supply missions to the space station which also gets supplies from russia, europe and japan. the curiosity rover will get to try out its scoop this weekend. you're looking at an animation of how the spacecraft touched down on mars. the tests take severa
nasa used to do? >> and a large part we certainly are. we certainly are resupplying the international space station and ultimately sending astronauts to the space station. shuttles gone, commercial companies are the real deal now. and this is a big deal tonight if the weather holds up at the kennedy space center. a little bit iffy with clouds and rain showers expected to be in the area for the launch, but right now the space x falcon rocket is sitting on pad 40 at cape canaveral. the dragon spacecraft on top of it at 8:30 p.m. eastern time if all goes well. on its way to a rendezvous with the space station. a lot of people are saying, well, what's the big deal? they did this back in may. yes, they did. space x became the first commercial company to rendezvous bert and return to earth. but this is the real deal, 1,000 pounds of cargo going up. now, at the kennedy space center during a news briefing just the other day, bob cabana, said this is just the beginning. they are looking forward to when the commercial companies will carry humans. >> from a commercial point of view, the commerci
-- and liftoff. >> that right there marking a new era in space flight from cape canaveral florida. nasa has stepped aside to the international space station. and meningitis outbreak has grown by one-third in 24 hours. 91 cases in nine states including seven deaths. 27 cases since yesterday. nearly half of the new cases in michigan. men unskwraoeutious has been linked to contaminated steroid injections. and there's a voluntary recall for all the products from the manufacture. >>> most of the country's voting places are still open right now. the polls will stay open as long as people are waiting in line to vote. hugo chavez has been in charge for 13 years there. >>> now to some very disturbing video from the syrian war. some viewers, particularly children, may want to look away. here it is. we are told this person that you see running is a syrian boy, and that he was hit by sniper fire. cnn cannot independently confirm the video's authenticity. >>> and then an aircraft going down in a suburb. at least 100 people were killed today. >>> an investigation under way tonight at the un
nine rocket. >> that marking a new era. the first commercial flight into space. nasa has assigned spacex to a contract to ship cargo to i.s.s. live report from florida 20 minutes away. >>> the meningitis out break has grown by one-third in just 24 hours. 27 cases since yesterday. nearly half of the new cases in michigan. meningitis has been linked to contaminated steroid injections. the company issued a voluntary recall for all its products. >>> it's half 9:00 at night in venezuela where most of the country's voting places are still open right now. presidential election day and the polls will stay open as long as people are waiting in line to vote. hugo chavez is trying to win another term as president. he's been in charge for 13 years there. >>> now to some very disturbing video from the syrian war. some viewers, particularly children may want to look away. this person that you see run nig is a syrian boy. he was hit by sniper fire in aleppo. another amateur video is said to show a government aircraft going down in a damascus suburb. >>> an investigation under way at the universi
for the international space station. nasa has stepped aside, to ship cargo to the international space station. live report from florida. >>> a meningitis outbreak in the u.s. has grown one-third in just 24 hours. the cdc is confirming 91 cases in 9 states, including 7 deaths. 27 cases since yesterday. nearly half of the new cases in michigan. meningitis has been linked to contaminated steroid injections used to ease back and neck pain. the company that issued the injections have issued a recall for all its products. >>> it's after 9:00 at night in venezuela, where most of the polls are open. polls are open as long as people are waiting in line to vote. hugo chavez is trying to win another term as venezuela's president. >>> and now, to come very disturbing video from the syrian war. some viewers, particularly children, may want to look away. here it is. we're told you see this person running is a syrian boy. and he was hit by sniper fire in aleppo. cnn cannot confirm the video's authenticity. this video shows an air force going down in a suburb. a report says at least 100 people were killed today. >
. it is the first of a dozen under a contract with nasa. it is carrying a thousand pounds of food, experiments and equipment and there is a frozen treat, ice cream. and speaking of space, a dare devil will try to sky dive from 120,000 feet. he will travel 23 miles up in a capsule attached to a helium balloon and then he will jump, the fall will take 5 minutes and he will reach speeds up to 700 mile-an-hour. >> nobody can tells me what happens when you fly at super sonic speeds. >> it is stunning. he says he is confidence and has been training with the current record holder. he jumped in 1960 from 19 miles up. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
the judge tomorrow. jerry sandusky, delusional? nasa can no longer send cargo to the international space station on its own burks it did help a private company become the first to try it. the launch of a brand-new and less public chapter in space travel, i wonder how this went? we'll report in a moment. plus drew brees of the new orleans saints led that team to the first win of the season. and he also broke a half century old record. they are ain't no, sir more and drew brees, what a night, is coming up one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do we were going through so much of the bargain detergent. and the clothes didn't look as good. but since we switched to tide we use much less. an amazing clean for all three of our full-grown dependent bundles of joy. that's mtide, what's yours? >> and lift off. lift off of the x follow can 9 -- falcon 9 rocket. >> shep: with that, space x graduates from test launches to the real deal. it's a private space company that sent out its dragon capsul
. nasa is relying on private business now that the shuttles are all retired. >>> weather permitting, you will be able to see the space station passing over the bay area tonight. nasa website has a section where you can check the time ndamukong suh if tonight 8:31. to the naked eye it will -- it will look like a star moving closely across the sky. >>> five things you need to know before you go, including fundraiser bringing president obama to the bay area >>> here are five anyones to know before you go: president obama returns to the bay area today for more fundraising before the november election. he was in l.a. last night. he wail 10 an event in san francisco -- he will attend an event in san francisco this afternoon. [ inaudible ] >> number two, governor brown taking a stand to bring down record high gas prices ordering smog regulation fors to allow winter blend gas to be sold earlier than usual. >> number three, vigil will be held 8:30 tonight to honor the memory of 55-year-old susie ko who was found stabbed to death in her home friday night. family is asking to keep a look out for he
, to the international space station, launching from cape canaveral, florida, last night. nasa stepping aside, but also signing space x to the $1.6 billion contract to ship cargo to the iss. i'm joined by tareq malik, also here with me fellow space geek chad myers. tareq, let me begin with you, because this is so significant. this is the first commercial flight here to the iss. this could be the beginning of some major things, but first, liftoff. how did it go? >> it was amazing. nasa had been saying and space x there was a chance of clouds, they don't want the rocket flying through clouds or trigger lightning on the way up. but the entire countdown through the evening was fairly smooth. and t minus zero, it soared into the sky, lit up like an artificial sun and we saw it for quite some time, even after passing through this clouds. it was just an amazing launch, an amazing delivery into orbit of this private spacecraft. >> hang tight for me. i have a question for you, chad. i read one of the engines failed upon ascent. so another engine had to, what, overcompensate. >> there are eight still. there were
contract with nasa. carrying about 1,000 pounds of food, clothes, experiments and equipment. >> as the search continues for whoever killed a woman, her family is turning to social media. 55-year-old susie was found dead friday night. her death is still a mystery. the family has a web site to get tips and leads. also put the word out on facebook and twitter. >> she was attacked. she was murdered. >> i'm glad we all have the supporters here to honor her. she was a great woman. >> the family's car was stolen out of their garage. police are looking for a blue 2011 subaru, out back 1 a 1 f 6 a 0 license plate. contact police. >> governor brown is taking action to bring down gas prices. he directed the california air resources to take emergency steps to increase the state's gas supply. directed the board to allow oil refineries to make an early transition to winter blend gasoline. that's not typically sold until the end of the month. a gallon of regular is averaging more than $4.65 in the state. >>> if you want to find stations where you can save cash, go to cbssf.com/gas, enter y
a bit. >> reporter: nasa and the u.s. air force will closely monitor his jump to learn more about high altitude limits on the human body. >> and are you a little bit understandably nervous about that? >> oh, yeah, because this is stepping into the unknown. that's why i'm nervous. >> reporter: but baumgartner also says he's confident as he readies to take a plunge unprecedented in human history. mark strassmann, cbs news, ross well, new mexico. >> that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor, soar over the bay area on ts busy weekend. how it turned out to be a record breakinge for public transportation. as a family in the east bay searches for answers... they head to the internet to loor 10/7/12 >>> the family in the east bay searches for sears -- answers, they head to the internet. >>> gas prices hit another record. now, the governor is stepping in to ease the pain. cbs 5 eyewitness news is next. ,,,,
from nasa. carrying about 1,000 pounds of food, clothes, experiments and equipment. chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream. >>> president obama heads to california to replenish his campaign cash. both candidates are zigzagging the country with 30 days left before election. >>> should california require labeling that contains genetically modified organisms. what you need to know before voting on prop 37. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, stop on a two-day fundraisig trip to the state. mr. obama has >>> in campaign 2012, president obama is in los angeles tonight. his first stop on a two day trip to the state. mr. obama has three events in la including a rally featuring george clooney, stevie wonder and jennifer hudson. 9 of those visits on this trip. tomorrow president obama will attend a campaign fundraiser at the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco. final bay area visit before the election. already raised more than $30 million in california. earlier in the day, he'll be in the central valley to announce caesar should have ez national -- chavez national monument. >>> battleground state of florida. h
. >> reporter: nasa and the u.s. air force will monitor baumgartner's jump to learn about high altitude limits on the human body. are you understandably nervous about that? >> oh, yes. this is stepping into the unknown. >> reporter: baumgartner says he's also confident as he's ready to take a plunge unprecedented in u.s. history. >>> that could be really good or really bad. we'll have to see what happens. straight ahead your monday morning weather and in sports a historic night for drew brees and a post-season victory sealed with a kiss. post-season victory sealed with a kiss. food, meet flavor. flavor, meet food. it's time for swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth in easy to use packets. mix it into skillet dishes, for an instant dose of... hell-o! [ female announcer ] get recipes at flavorboost.com. why let constipation stry miralax.? mirlax works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to feel great. miralax. >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. partly sunny in new york 60 degrees. partly
a contract with nasa. the capsule is carrying about 1,000 pounds of food, experiments and equipment and there is a frozen treat, chocolate, vanilla swirl, ice cream. >>> speaking of space,. >>> an austrian daredevil will set a record for skydiving 123,000 feet high. baumgartner is going to have a helium balloon wearing a special pressurized suit and parachute fall to earth will take nearly five minutes and he will reach speeds up to 700 milesperr hour. >> even with testing, rehearse the last couple of years, we won't know until we do it for real. >> he has done it before not quite that high. baumgartner's last jump was 96,000 feet. >> can't imagine it. >> i can think of others things to do. >> supersonic. >> it's a fantastic weekend. we had all the festivities on the weekend a nice start to the day but we are beginning to see more clouds outside as the atmosphere switches gears. there is the area of low pressure spinning off the coastline. it could bring us a couple of scattered showers. right now 67 in concord. 68 in livermore. 66 degrees in san francisco. the temperatures will sta
florida last night. nasa has a contract for a total of 12 deliveries by the unmanned dragon capsule. not only will it take food, clothes and experiments to the space station, it will also bring back tons of trash and equipment. >>> only one more day until 43- year-old felix bumgardner is scheduled to -- until -- is scheduled to hoist off in this capsule. hopes to -- he hopes to break two words, falling at 17,000 feet and falling the fastest by breaking the sound barrier. >>> the family of a murdered hercules woman is using a website to help find her killers. the vehicle is a sky blue subaru outback with idaho license plates, they would like anyone to call if they have seen where this car went. >>> mervyndymally died. he spent more than a decade in congress where he was chairman of the congressional black caucus. he passed away over the weekend in los angeles. he was 86. >>> in just over 24 hours, the san francisco board of supervisors will decide whether suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will keep his job. the board is scheduled to vote at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, nine of the 11 board mem
been digging up soil samples, but now that work is on hold because nasa wants to find out if a bright object spotted on the ground is part of the vehicle or something more. >>> and this is what happens when a large group of mostly intoxicated people take on a bull in colombia. amateur matadors got into the ring and tried to show the bull who was boss. not too successfully. 19 were hurt. >>> here is an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow dropped 26 points yesterday. the s&p down five. the nasdaq lost 23. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei assembled 93 points. in hong kong the hang seng gained 112. stocks have been on a strong run, but right now earnings and europe's on going debt drama are threatening markets' momentum. just this morning, chancellor angela merkel arrived in greece to show solidarity. many greeks blame germany to deep cuts attached to its international bailout. thousands of snipers and officers were scrambled ahead of her arrival. so far protests have been calm. after the bell, alcoa kicks off what is expected to
what today's book will hold and store. >> in nasa has officially stated that they have detected something strange. here is the catch of some thing that might be from the row over its self. they will not sample anything more or defthey are stating that the rover landed on august 5th and they will find out whether or not life existed. >> in the dow has been negative for most of the morning down by 22 and so we're watching the numbers there. we're also watching the weather and will have air caught up in a moment. >> we do have a tan to 20 percent chance of showers. it will be thursday into the we can. h.j. we are waiting for jerry sandusky to find out his fate. this is the day that will break this season for the bay area baseball teams. ride share services are picking up but regulators say not so fast. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase
state, the medical doctor and nasa astronaut jose hernandez from the central valley. >>> a decision is due by the san francisco supervisors this afternoon. they are meeting in less than two hours to determine the fate of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. prosecutors are depart at city hall. cher have i there to let us know what's at stake, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, the protesters here are actually the supporters, they showed up about a half hour ago. they've been doing chants on and off. they're here on the front steps of city hall. one person told us she was a person of domestic violence, she didn't feel it was considered abuse. now the board of supervisors meets at 2:00 this afternoon. and the last time mirkarimi and his wife lopez came here was back in august when the ethics commission came out with its recommendation that mirkarimi may be ousted from office. lopez has been living with venezuela for the past few months now. in march, the mayor suspended him without pay after he pled guilty to false imprisonment charge. all stemmed from a new year's eve argument
is about to do a little digging. nasa says it will collect soil samples to learn if there were ever favorable conditions for microbial life. >>> and one of the top trending health stories right now on nbc news.com could cause some controversy. a new study finds that offering free birth control can dramatically lower the rate of abortion. researchers who gave women free birth krael nor three years saw cases of abortion drop 66 to 67% below the national level. this could impact this year's election. mitt romney has plenled to repeal the affordable care act which requires insurance to cover contraceptive costs. >>> and now to wall street. the dow closed at 13,575 after gaining 80 points yesterday. the s&p was up 10. the nasdaq added 14. taking a look at overseas trading this morning. in tokyo the nikkei inched up 38 points while in hong kong the hang seng climbed 104. >>> the s&p is on the cusp of a five year high and barring any big surprises from september's jobs report, it could hit that high today. experts predict about 115,000 jobs were added last month. weekly claims ticked sligh
out what it's made of. nasa experts say the sand will serve as a mouthwash for the rover to clean the hardware. all this scooping and washing gets going on saturday. well a teacher, student sex scandal is rocking one community. three male teachers at a camden county new jersey high school are accused of having sex with students. investigators say the principal and vice principal work to protect those people instead of the students. the prosecutor says the relationships grew out of social media as well as interactions outside of school. >> we uncovered evidence of exchanges of sexually explicit text messages during instructional periods. and a trip to the shore involving the teachers and their victims as well as other students. >> the female students are all 17 or 18 years old. all five educators facing a slew of charges. >>> hope you enjoyed that weather out there today. things are about to change. erica grow will be along in a minute with a lock at your full forecast. it's tough out there this weekend. and right after the break, four students travel to guatemala to live on $1 a
. and it provides a way for them to express their feelings. nasa's 2001 press release announcing the mer project epitomizes the personification of the robots. quote: in 2003 nasa plans to launch a relative of the now-famous 1997 mars pathfinder rover. this larger cousin is expected to reach the surface of the red planet in january 2004. this new robotic explorer will be able to trek up to 100 meters across the surface each martian day. scott hubbard, mars program director at nasa headquarters, said, quote: this mission will give us the first-ever robotic field geologist on mars. now, the metaphors in this poetic narrative such as referring to the earlier mission as mer's cousin simplify for the public's understanding. but they also serve as a kind of cultural cheerleading in praise of america's new robotic explorer. but years later the tone was distinctly sentimental when the associated press reported spirit's demise. quote: spirit, the scrappy robotic geologist that captivated the world with its antics on mars before with getting stuck in a sand trap, is about to meet its end after six producti
an aerospace division. and they make spacecraft components for nasa and small satellites. it's this side of the business that jeffries is truly worried about. the research reports feel like two duelists shooting it out. but right past each other, jeffries rated alliant a buy based on catalysts related to that space launch system i mentioned. the catalysts have come and gone and didn't play out as jeffries expected. plus, jeffries is concerned about the nasa budget going forward. in other words, the thesis didn't play out the way they hoped. so they're being disciplined and backing away from the wreck. that's what good investment is about. however, after we learned about atk's big lake city contract, it hit me over the head. this is good. and then jeffries came out with another note where they said it didn't change their view. the reason, they're worried that alliant had to cut pricing in order to win the contract. and they're also concerned about declining u.s. presence in afghanistan and shrinking army head count. these are reasonable concerns. i think they make more sense if atk was tr
-cream. this will reach the orbital lab on wednesday. part of a $1.5 billion deal with nasa. ice cream is a test to see if something that will sustain the journey. >> this mt. tam has been a bit windy. we do not have any issues of visibility is just cooked cool and breezy. 46 degrees in napa. chilly for the north bay. and the coastline. it looks like antioch is waking up to 60 degrees. as we take a look at those temperatures for this afternoon of the most part will see sunny skies. temperatures will be cooler compared to what we saw this weekend. cupertino, fremont, 70's. and if it will be a pretty mild day for places like livermore. antioch. 60s for the castro valley. and in hayward. in the north bay, 60s and novado, petaluma. 67 degrees expected in vallejo. some changes to talk about as we go towards tomorrow. this low pressure system is hundreds of miles from the california coastline. it has been stationary but as it approaches our area it looks like we it could make its way towards san francisco. perhaps not as many showers north of the golden gate but there are other areas for the potential to see
the space station wednesday the first of 12 resupply missions for spacex. nasa is relying on private business since the shuttles are all retired. >>> weather permitting, you will be able to see the space station over the bay area tonight nasa website has a section where you can check the time in san francisco tonight look up at 8:31 p.m.. it will appear as a bright star moving slowly across the sky. you can catch it tomorrow night at 7:42. >>> unfavorable weather in new mexico will delay an attempt to set record for extreme skydiving from 120,000 feet above the earth. we last saw the austrian daredevil in july when he used a giant balloon to lift his space pod to the edge of space 96,000 feet high then jumped out free fall lasted nearly four minutes. he released his parachute and finished the 18 mile skydive standing up. tomorrow he hopes to break the sound barrier with jut his body current record is health by his coach retired air force colonel. >> joe suffered frostbite on the way down he was falling so long. they thought he broke he sound the barrier but they revised that. >> i sk
.6 billion contract with nasa. with the shuts retire, spacex aims to fill the void. they are not the only ones. they want to carry the astronauts back-and-forth transportation into space. now the astronauts rely on the russians to get us to and from the space station. this is important for those who do not follow trace, this is important because why, trace? >>trace: it goes round trip. that is important because you have the friend and the japanese and the russian cargo capsules. they only go one way because they burn on re-entry. this capsule will take 880 pounds of supplies up to the international space station. we are talking about food and scientific experiments, brag new equipment. then it is able to bring back some 1,600 pounds of different supplies and garbage and, most importantly, all scientific experiments. remember, since the space shuttle stopped going up we have not brought anything back. this is key. here is former astronaut tom jones. >> this capsule's return capacity is very important for making the bet of the science research we can get on the space station. you have to br
to bring you some of that footage as he tries to break history. nasa officials say rover has made its first school of the surface of mars can detect a bright object on the ground. officials said they suspect the object may be part of the sixth wheel were over but they will not go any more until they figure out ack clouds bute curiosity honestly that's only impacting the coastline that some of our north bay delis. upper 40's right now for santa rosa nevada waking up to 57 in downtown san francisco 54 out the door and redwood city. four shows in terms of the 2 in. by 3:00 p.m. to colors indicating '60s and '70s around the bay and as we pushed to the evening hours will be a chilly evening 8:00 p.m. we're talking fifties across the board. you certainly need a jacket wrecking down your afternoon highs by three or 4:00 p.m.. upper 60s in fact similar c communiti3 the delta appears 5 san leandro. 66 in hayward. most of sunny conditions upper 60s for novato. petaluma 65 for downtown to a francisco and the upper 50s for daly city. taking it to satellite and radar into the low pressure system spinnin
of this advertising. >>> what looks like a footprint on the surface of mars is actually a treadmark left by nasa rover curiosity. the rover took the picture on its way to scoop up some of its first bit of martian soil. this is a test scoop done here early on in a lab in california. the soil samples collected by curiosity will be crucial in determining if the red planet ever supported life. it is scheduled to make that first scoop in the next two or three weeks. >> does nasa have evidence that it's not a footprint? >> that's a good question. that's an excellent point. >>> 5:11. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with a gorgeous day ahead. hi, tom. >> off to a chilly start. 50s much of the region under a clear sky. including hagerstown, our hometown forecast location. by 7:00 a.m., bright sunshine, mid-50s. by noontime, near 70, bright and sunny. for the entire region today, we will have low humidity in place. afternoon highs, low 80s. lots of sun and a blue sky. a delightful day. a look at tonight, the weekend, and into next week. big changes on the way. th
nine engines shortly after lifting off sunday night. nasa says the rocket still was able to make it into space, though it is unclear what caused that engine to fail in the first place. let's talk about it with tom jones, a former nasa astronaut and the author of "planetology." e guess this thing has nine engines, one failed pretty spectacularly. do we know what it was? >> hi, jon. i think no one really knows the cause yet, but they got good data down from the engines. one of the nine had a pressure loss is what spacex is saying, and apparently it blew debris off the side of the product. on the good news side, the other eight engines continued to win, and the dragon capsule got to orbit. so you like a rocket like this that has the robustness, the ability to withstand failure and still make it to orbit. jon: so i guess, in fact, the payload is being delivered to the international space station just as intended. that's all good news, but is this going to slow down this private space venture? >> well, it'll probably slow it down for a couple of months perhaps before the next launch.
to tune in tonight. 9:00 eastern time. >> heather: it could be a new era for nasa. why a planned launch of an unmanned craft just hours from now may hold the key to a brand-new future for the u.s. space program. >> gregg: a case of apparent bullying with a disturbing twisted as a young student faces her teacher's wrath for wearing a romney-ryan shirt to school. >> you can't wear a republican shirt in a democratic school. >> i expect it from students. >> this is philadelphia, birthplace of freedom. we have schools that want to take away her freedom. >> heather: crossing the threshold wasn't enough for these competitive couples. a wife carrying contest, complete with obstacles like widow maker. you have to see it to believe it. for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning
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